About Us

The Society for Sino-American Studies (SSAS) is a student organization focused on exploring Asian cultures, with a specific focus on Chinese culture, while promoting awareness on campus through social and educational events.

SSAS sponsors events such as the annual Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival, Chinese (Lunar) New Year, and Asia Fest. Weekly meetings allow members to share their personal cultural experiences, discuss current issues relating to Asia and Asia-U.S relations, and explore various aspects of Asian culture.

In addition to hosting a variety of events and activities, SSAS also seeks to create a warm and welcoming community for the large and quickly expanding population of Asian, and especially Chinese students on campus. Many Chinese students consider SSAS as a “home away from home.” Everyone interested in Asian culture is welcome to join SSAS regardless of the country or cultural background. Indeed, we encourage students from diverse backgrounds to join us and participate in our activities to make SSAS a more rewarding experience for everyone.

Founded in 2004, this organization has room to grow. Come join us, and together we will

“Enter to grow in wisdom. Depart, to serve better thy country and thy kind.”  – Charles W. Eliot


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February 6, 2013 Chinese New Year  (Click me, please!!)